Aluminium Toolboxes

TIGER Aluminium Toolboxes are designed to be extraordinarily tough and represent great value for money with our “no compromise on quality” promise.

Aluminium Toolboxes

Here you will find a range of ute aluminium toolboxes to help you get your job done right. We carry underbody toolboxes, full-door toolboxes, and high and partial door aluminium toolboxes.

Once you choose the ute aluminium toolbox that you need the team at TIGER will fit-out your ute accordingly. We can sometimes even have your ute complete on the same day that you drop it off.

At TIGER we are always challenging ourselves to become better at everything we do. In consultation with industry leaders, we have created a solid range of ute aluminium toolboxes designed specifically for Australian conditions, that we believe are perfectly aligned with our company philosophy of providing the “highest quality products and services at the lowest quartile pricing”.

TIGER Toolboxes are designed to be extraordinarily tough and represent value for money with our “no compromise on quality” promise. A 2.5mm density, checker plate aluminium standard has been set across the high sided range, to ensure that the boxes and doors hold form.

The good looking, checker plate pattern hides scuffs and marks, for long-lasting visual appeal. All TIGER toolboxes feature quality drop T locks, which can be keyed alike to other TIGER toolboxes. Our toolboxes are fully welded, made weatherproof with internal rubber seals with gas struts for ease of door opening and staying and can be fitted to vehicles or used as stand-alone storage options.

TIGER is passionately dedicated to keeping Australia’s light commercial work vehicles, safe, compliant, economical and efficient. Our vision is clear; to provide our customers with upper quartile quality products and comprehensive project management solutions for all vehicle fit-outs, at lower quartile pricing.

We will strive to be the market leader across Sydney , by continuing to set high industry benchmarks in van and light commercial vehicle fit-outs, aligning with consumer expectations and demand. To continue to build on our tradition and for our brand to always be synonymous with quality, whilst remaining at the forefront in technology, service and innovation is what TIGER is all about.