Ute Trays

TIGER Ute Trays are designed with input from trade and industry experts to suit Australian usage.

Ute Trays

TIGER Ute Trays are designed with input from trade and industry experts to suit Australian usage. Constructed from anodised aluminium, providing superior style and durability makes TIGER Ute Trays, the preferred choice for many tradies, fleets and government organisations.

Crafted to be able to be universally fitted to most makes and models of Australian light cab chassis and creating economies in running an interchangeable, standardised, TIGER fleet.

TIGER is committed to delivering exceptional standards of professional products and services, to cater to our clients in the Australian Automotive and related industries through the provision of high-quality product offerings and effective project management.

Through a focus on long term objectives, safety, progress and cost-effectiveness in order to achieve continual improvement, TIGER strives to produce outstanding customer service that exceeds specified standards of quality, reliability and performance.

At TIGER, we don’t believe in foregoing quality or safety, to provide cheaper pricing. Instead, we maintain our promise of high quality and spend time procuring superior materials at better costs, keeping our pricing low and giving our clients better value.

As such, all of our aluminium TIGER tray decks are Heavy Duty and feature additional I-Beam support ribs, to provide added strength and durability, so it won’t flex out of shape.

TIGER decks are all anodised, non-skid, extremely low maintenance and will naturally drain.

TIGER understands that space is a premium and have designed the TIGER structural headboard to sit outside the tray deck to maximize the usable space.

TIGER is passionately dedicated to keeping Australia’s light commercial work vehicles, safe, compliant, economical and efficient. Our vision is clear; to provide our customers with upper quartile quality products and comprehensive project management solutions for all vehicle fit-outs, at lower quartile pricing.

We will strive to be the market leader, by continuing to set high industry benchmarks in van and light commercial vehicle fit-outs, aligning with consumer expectations and demand. To continue to build on our tradition and for our brand to always be synonymous with quality, whilst remaining at the forefront in technology, service and innovation is what TIGER is all about.