Tiger Trays Commercial Fleet

With years of experience, we understand that every ute fleet fit-out has unique requirements, no two specs are the same. Each new fleet fit-out gives the Tiger Team new challenges, that’s why we have developed the Tigers Trays Fleet Management Philosophy.

Tiger Trays Fleet Management Philosophy

The core of your business is our business

Tiger Trays is an ‘’end2end’’ fleet fit-out solution, operating just like fleet businesses; specialising in comprehensive vehicle fit-out management. To make this happen, we provide a hassle-free process to source and manage specific fit-out components to spec your fleets. Through long-standing relationships with our trusted partners, like Pedders, we bring all the moving parts together in one place. We save your team time and reduce the costs over the life of the vehicle. With Tiger as your fleet ute fit-out business partner, you can have the confidence to focus on your customers, while we take care of the rest.

“Tiger Trays’ Fleet Management Team is very efficient, and their turnaround times ensure we can meet our KPIs and time restrictions which are critical in the fast-paced fleet industry. Having worked with the team for more than 17 years I can rely on their knowledge and expertise to help me solve any problems and provide solutions so we can meet our customer’s expectations.”

Ahmad Mezher, Fleet Manager, Peter Warren

Variety is the spice of life

We work with all types of commercial vehicles – utes, vans, and SUV’s. We develop solutions for a wide variety of fleet customers with different requirements, budgets, and volumes. By working with multiple fleet types as well as the vehicle makes and models, we continue to expand our experience and knowledge of bringing our customers industry best practices. This experience provides an opportunity to improve your GP margins and time to market. Here are some of Tiger’s fleet fit-out examples:

Landscapers, Councils

TIGER’s Tradie is available with a choice of side and tailgate panel interior heights, from the deck to the top of the sideboards with 250mm being our standard, 300mm, and 450mm.

The 450mm sides are popular with councils, landscapers and are also available as a tipper.




At TIGER we understand the need to have industry and safety-compliant vehicles in the mining industry. We have the required knowledge to transform a standard commercial ute or SUV to be mine-spec compliant. Our tray products have undergone engineering testing to make sure they are compliant to mining conditions. We can build them with beacons, lighting, mine bars, flags, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and HI VIS stripes.

Complex Fleet Fit-outs

Our ability to manage complexity in-house including electrical and custom design components reduces the time to fit and manages risk through fewer contractors. Here a just a few examples of ‘add-ons’


Electro-hydraulic underbody tipper conversions

Tiger Trays does underbody ute tippers that are designed to make unloading of materials quick and easy. Our electric/hydraulic tipping systems are manufactured to tip a load up to the vehicles GVM load capacity.

Our electric hydraulic tippers use our standard alloy trays and we can do high (300 and 400) sideboards and swing tailgates to make use with tow bars more functional.


Relationships are key

We have key relationships with Toyota, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi dealerships which enable us to jointly manage the availability of vehicles, model changes, and serviceability. These strong relationships are the backbone to ensure we meet your customer’s timelines.

Put our money where our mouth is

We expect the quality of our products and services to continue as a market leader by working with our customers to understand what they need now and what innovations would help them in the future. One of our latest changes is reducing tray weight, without any loss of tray integrity or warranty. Your customers will be able to carry heavier loads in their vehicles, without running the risk of breaking road transport specifications.


Examples of general fleet fit-outs:

TIGER Dual Cab Canopy Range suits many makes and models of dual cab tub utes that are available in Australia. They are constructed from heavy duty reinforced fibreglass with a smooth, high gloss, UV resistant, durable exterior finish.

One-piece moulded shell ensures a seamless fit and no leak exterior trim, window and door mouldings. Modern midline styling, unique to each vehicle using cad design software and laser scanning technology has made the TIGER canopy a trusted and popular choice.


TIGER Dual Cab Tub Liner Range is manufactured from high-density polyethylene and are virtually impossible to crack or break.

Styled to enhance your vehicle’s look and moulded to the exact shape of your vehicle’s pick-up tray to maximise load space and prevent damage to your car.

TIGER Tub Liners are resistant to sunlight and common chemicals.

Fleet Sales and Solutions

For quotes and to design a custom solution, please call Mario or Paul or email them on sales@tigertrays.com.au