Ute Trays

Heavy Duty Ute Trays

TIGER Ute Trays are designed with input from trade and industry experts to suit Australian usage.

Constructed from anodised aluminium, providing superior style and durability makes TIGER Ute Trays, the preferred choice for many tradies, fleets and government organisations.

Crafted to be able to be universally fitted to most makes and models of Australian light cab chassis and creating economies in running an interchangeable, standardised, TIGER fleet.

TIGER is committed to delivering exceptional standards of professional products and services, to cater for our clients in the Australian Automotive and related industries through the provision of high quality product offerings and effective project management.

Through focus on long term objectives, safety, progress and cost effectiveness in order to achieve continual improvement, TIGER strives to produce outstanding customer service across Sydney that exceeds specified standards of quality, reliability and performance.


Our TIGER Tray Decks

At TIGER, we don’t believe in foregoing quality or safety, to provide cheaper pricing. Instead, we maintain our promise of high quality and spend time procuring superior materials at better costs, keeping our pricing low and giving our clients better value.

As such, all of our aluminium TIGER tray decks are Heavy Duty and feature additional I-Beam support ribs, to provide added strength and durability, so it won’t flex out of shape.


TIGER decks are all anodised, non skid, extremely low maintenance and will naturally drain.

TIGER understands that space is a premium and have designed the TIGER structural headboard to sit outside the tray deck to maximize the usable space.


Our TIGER Tray Mounting Systems

The TIGER range of aluminium trays feature a simple, yet effective universal mounting system, that enables our trays to be fitted to most makes and models of cab chassis.

The standard TIGER mount kit includes 3 x 3mm for dual cabs and 4 x 3mm non corrosive, galvanised steel C-channel cross members that are fabricated with slots to suit most cab chassis and are mounted to the chassis rails with high tensile, fine thread, 12mm bolts, using the OEM chassis mounting holes.


To complete the standard TIGER mount kit, 2 x 3mm galvanised steel angles are fitted per channel bar, to secure the 6mm thick tray running rails strongly to the chassis.

Our TIGER trays can be supplied as a flat pack, requiring minimal assembly or as a fully fitted product.


The Trundle TIGER mount kit includes 3x 40x40mm for dual cabs and 4 x 40x40mm non corrosive, powder coated uni-strut bars as cross members that are fabricated with slots to suit most cab chassis and are mounted to the chassis rails with high tensile, 12mm bolts, using the OEM chassis mounting holes.


To complete the trundle TIGER mount kit, 2 x 40x40mm RHS steel angles are welded per channel bar, to give you the additional height required to mount a trundle tray securely to the 6mm tray running rails strongly to the chassis.

Our TIGER trays can be supplied as a flat pack, requiring minimal assembly or as a fully fitted product.


Our TIGER Structural Headboard

All of our aluminium TIGER trays feature heavy duty, structural aluminium headboards with fully welded mesh.

Aside from the stylish visual appeal that the contoured 75mm rolled headboard loop provides, is the added safety assurance and window protection that it provides.

At TIGER, our clients safety is not optional, therefore our mesh is not just an insert, it is fully welded and integrated.

Our headboards are available in satin (Standard) or polished(Platinum) finish and with or without a complimentary set of strong, removable ladder pins that can be positioned wherever you require along the bar.


Our TIGER Tray Sides

Our TIGER tray range feature aluminium drop sides and tailgates for ease of access and increased useability.

The 2.5mm aluminium interlocking drop sides are manufactured from structurally ribbed, smooth aluminium, with end capping for extra strength.

Our sideboards are available in 3 heights, to suit individual purposes and can be trimmed down lengthwise to incorporate tray mounted toolboxes.

The tray sides can also be added and removed easily, with strong, heavy duty hinge pins that allow the sides to be straightforwardly clicked on.

Interior heights available from deck to top of sideboards are 250mm, which is our standard, 300mm and 450mm.


Our TIGER Tray Latch System

All TIGER tray sides are interlocking and feature a simple adjustable, over centre latching system that allows for tightening over time if required.

The durable, galvanised steel locking system features a quick release lever that is super easy to operate and is also lockable with a padlock, if required.

Our TIGER Tray Hinge System

TIGER interlocking aluminium tray sides are simple to install and remove with our hinge pin system.

With a marine grade stainless steel rod and high quality stainless steel fasteners, the male hinge component is firmly secured to the tray coaming. The female part is secured to the tray side with stainless steel fasteners.

To connect the two, the hinge rod is slotted into the tray side connector and secured with a locking R clip pin.


Our TIGER Tray Rope Rails

All TIGER trays come standard with a continuous full tray length rope rail to each side.

Our 25mm rope rails are strong and are fixed to the coaming of the tray at regular intervals to ensure that you have plenty of safe load restraint points to tie down.

There is a 40mm gap between the rail and the coaming to be able to thread your tie downs through easily.


Our TIGER Tray Mudguards and Mudflaps

Standard with all TIGER Trays are mudguards and mudflaps to each side. Single cabs as well as dual cabs are fitted with front and rear guards.

Our mudguards are made of aluminium chequer plate for good looks and durability and are fixed to the underside of the tray with aluminium stays.

The TIGER mudflaps are easily identifiable with the TIGER logo, function well and look great.


Our TIGER Tradie Tray

TIGER‘s standard and flagship tray is the Tradie, with all the safety features that are expected of a TIGER tray. The Tradie is robust, good looking and inexpensive and won’t let you down. With full length rope rails and mudguards and TIGER mudflaps as standard inclusions.

TIGER’s Tradie has interlocking side and tailgate panels that can be easily removed and when folded down, allow unobstructed access to the deck for ease of loading and unloading.


Our TIGER Platinum Tray

Our TIGER Platinum Tray is designed for the discerning client, who wants the toughness of a TIGER tray, with some added stylish finishes. A Highly Polished headboard loop and classy black trim insert are standard on this premium tray.


Our TIGER Tough Tray

TIGER Tough tray is requested often by rental, corporate and fleet clients as it provides all the benefits of a Tradie Tray with the added componentry of a heavier duty mounting kit. The TIGER Tough tray also comes with heavy duty rubber mat insert, tail light protectors and top edge tray capping to the three sides of the tray.

The TIGER Tough tray also comes with heavy duty rubber mat insert, tail light protectors and top edge protective tray capping to the three sides of the tray.


Our TIGER Steel Tray

The TIGER heavy duty Steel Tray tray comes with a 3 inch tube headboard with laser cut mesh, 240mm high side boards, side steps, tail-light guards,2.1mm checker plate floor, over-centre latches and are powder primed and powder coated. Optional rear ladder rack available.