The Tradie Series

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  • weight
    85-115 kg
  • width
    1860 mm
  • height
    225-425 mm
  • length
    1835-2700 mm

Additional Information

Durable Aluminium Alloy Ute Trays

TIGER’s standard and flagship aluminium ute tray is the Tradie, with all the safety features that are expected of a TIGER tray. The Tradie aluminium ute tray is robust, good looking and inexpensive and won’t let you down. With full-length rope rails and mudguards and TIGER mudflaps as standard inclusions TIGER’s Tradie aluminium ute tray has interlocking side and tailgate panels that can be easily removed and when folded down, allow unobstructed access to the deck for ease of loading and unloading. TIGER’s Tradie is available with a choice of side and tailgate panel interior heights, from the deck to the top of the sideboards with 250mm being our standard, 300mm and 450mm as pictured all available. The 450mm sides are popular with councils, gardeners and is also available as a tipper. *Available in sizing to suit dual cabs, extra cabs and single cabs *75mm brushed aluminium finish, structural headboard with welded safety mesh panel *Stainless steel hardware *Stainless steel over centre latches *Checker plate mudguards *TIGER mudflaps *Full length 25mm rope rails *Varied side and tailgate panel heights