Tiger Trays Quality Assurance

In Australia, TIGER has long been an industry recognised brand and it’s because of our commitment to high quality and our constant pursuit of excellence, in every aspect of our products and service offerings.

At TIGER, we don’t believe in foregoing quality or safety, to provide cheaper pricing. Instead, we maintain our promise of high quality and spend time procuring superior materials at better costs, keeping our pricing low and giving our clients better value.

TIGER is committed to delivering exceptional standards of professional products and services, to cater for our clients in the Australian Automotive and related industries through the provision of high quality product offerings and effective project management.

Through focus on long term objectives, safety, progress and cost effectiveness in order to achieve continual improvement, TIGER strives to produce outstanding customer service that exceeds specified standards of quality, reliability and performance.

Below are some examples of how TIGER is leading in quality assurance.

Our Tray Testing

The TIGER range of aluminium trays have been certified by R.K Finlay Pty Ltd consulting engineers and compliance tested to standards surrounding forward and side Load Restraint Guide(LRG), typically mounted to light cab chassis vehicles, for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles.

The testing is conducted in a Department of Infrastructure registered testing facility, with activities for motor vehicles like ADR inspection and preparation for compliance application.




Our Decks

All of our aluminium TIGER tray decks are Heavy Duty and feature additional I-Beam support ribs, to provide added strength and durability, so it won’t flex out of shape.




TIGER decks are all anodised, non skid, extremely low maintenance and will naturally drain. The structural headboard is designed t to sit outside the tray deck to maximise the usable space.



Our Mounting Systems

The TIGER range of aluminium trays feature a simple, yet effective universal mounting system, that enables our trays to be fitted to most makes and models of cab chassis.




Our TIGER trays can be supplied as a flat pack, requiring minimal assembly or as a fully fitted product.




Our Structural Headboards

All of our aluminium TIGER trays feature heavy duty, structural aluminium headboards with fully welded mesh. Aside from the stylish visual appeal that the contoured 75mm rolled headboard loop provides, is the added safety assurance and window protection that it provides.

At TIGER, our clients safety is not optional, therefore our mesh is not just an insert, it is fully welded and integrated.



Our Headboard Testing

Our aluminium TIGER heavy duty, structural aluminium headboards with fully welded mesh inserts, is a standard feature across our TIGER trays range.

The contoured 75mm rolled headboard loop provides assurance and protection and was designed with safety and performance in mind.




Our headboards have also been tested and endorsed for side and forward loading as compliant by R.K Finlay Pty Ltd consulting engineers per section I of the Load Restraint Guide(LRG), clause 2.2 which sets out the requirements for certifying a direct restraint system, in this case specifically containment.

Rated and tested to carry 100kg of evenly distributed weight, our headboard and rear ladder racks will always be the first choice for people in the know.

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