Why Choose Tiger Trays

At TIGER we are always challenging ourselves to become better at everything we do.

Which is why, in consultation with industry leaders, we have created a solid range of products designed specifically for Australian conditions.


“Our company philosophy is to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest quartile pricing!”




Competitive Pricing

Our TIGER objective has always been to supply our valued clients with great quality products at the lowest quartile pricing.

We commit to our aim of always offering a trusted TIGER quality range of products at competitive and affordable pricing.

Quality Materials

To be capable of withstanding our harsh climate, TIGER products are made with high quality, non corrosive materials throughout.

We commit to maintain our TIGER standards of only supplying products that are manufactured using materials that will endure.

Read more about our quality assurance standards here.

Built Tough

In order to endure through rough and gruelling usage, TIGER successfully undertook to design a universal style product range that was exceptionally robust.

We commit to our TIGER tough promise to provide heavy duty, sturdy, reliable and trusted products.

Fast Turnaround

TIGER understands that in the fast moving world of Trades, corporate fleets and vehicle sales it is essential that substantial and comprehensive stocks be held, to afford speedy turnaround times and keep your business moving.

We commit to holding an extensive selection of TIGER products, ready to be fitted or dispatched as required.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

TIGER has a commitment to environmentally responsible design and manufacturing. Most significantly, our pursuit of excellence in design and the specification of the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity of our products.

We are dedicated to the principle of sustainable design and development. We believe in minimising the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle and within the manufacture and use of our products. This is our responsibility towards future generations.

You can view our Environmental Policy here.