Ford Ranger Dual Cab Ute Trays Now Available

The brand new, next-generation Ford Ranger was recently released and Tiger Trays have the required Dual Cab ute tray available for fitting.

Our team have inspected the new Ford Ranger GEN3 Dual Cab, Cab Chassis and due to the width of the cabin, the Tradie and Platinum 1860mm-wide series will not fit. The trays will not cover the wheels and the 2000mm-wide trays are too wide, according to Ford’s Builders Guide recommendation.

To produce a tray quickly, we have sourced AUSTRALIAN-MADE materials and the new spec trays are built here in Australia.

Ford Ranger Dual Cab Ute Tray Specs

  • 73mm mill-finish headboard with welded mesh
  • 230mm sideboard height
  • Tail-light protectors
  • Removable pins
  • Exceeds GVM carrying capacity (Tray deck rated at 2.0 tonne)
  • 38mm rope rail
  • Double-skinned sideboards

The first batch has already arrived and we have certified them, and have started fitting them for our customers.

What’s next?

At this stage, we only have one option for the Dual Cab and this is at a length which will be suitable for a towbar if you have one fitted.

Tub conversions are still under development. The blind spot information system in the tail lights means it will take longer to develop a compatible aftermarket product, but we’ll be working on it.

Extra Cab and Single Cab utes have not arrived yet, so we have not inspected these to release a new product. These will also be a new tray so the pricing is yet to be released.

Contact us for more information about this new release.


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