Rhino Rack Multi Slide Extension Ladder Rack 2.6m (MS26-470)

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Tiger Trays – The Best Rhino Roof Racks in Sydney
We now offer the best rhino roof racks in Sydney. We know that most vehicles can only carry a limited number of items inside of it. So, unless you drive a rigid truck, your current trips could be quite cramped. The only other solution available to you is to store them on top of your vehicle.
Rhino Roof Racks will help secure your gear. Rhino Roof Racks specialise in all aspects of Roof Rack storage. These roof racks will not only help you secure your gear, but they also help to protect your vehicle from unwanted scratches and dents. Excellent for Tradies, Camping gear, Kayaks, bikes and even suitcases, there is a roof rack to suit any individual requirement.
Excellent feature that is available with Rhino roof rack is the ladder rack system it ideal for transporting an extension ladders or timber safely and securely, loading and unloading made easy with the use of vortex ladder slide or Alloy Roller. So, view our large assortment of Carriers today ideal for ladder, timber, and other items.

  • Vortex Bars can be purchased in Black or Silver and the Bars include the VGS rubber strip which has been designed to reduce wind drag.
  • Rhino Racks are engineered to fit seamlessly with your vehicle’s design.
  • It’s the easiest way for you to load and unload your vehicle.
Our rhino roof racks are built using only premium materials. They can tolerate all kinds of extreme weather conditions as well as work environments. They are versatile and the heavy-duty bars are ultra-tough and can be fitted range of size vehicles. Providing excellent value for the money.

Some of the features of these products
The key features of Rhino Roof Racks are they easy to use, adaptable and ultra-strong but lightweight. You know you gear is safe and secure when you are travelling.
At Tiger Trays, we stock a wide range of Rhino Roof Rack products that are designed to enhance your vehicles carrying capability So, come in store or Call us today!