Tiger Trays Offers Commercial Fleet Fit-out Solutions

Tiger Trays is a specialist fleet vehicle fit-out solution provider. We offer a one-stop shop for complete mine, council, construction, electrical, plumbing and landscaping fit-outs. Our ability to provide fleet customers with GVM upgrades, custom fabricated trays, bars and racks means we can provide a flexible solution that meets all your safety and work requirements without you having to outsource any of the activities to get your vehicles on the road and compliant.


We offer the following solutions:

  • Steel and Aluminium trays
  • Bullbars, smartbars and sidesteps
  • Spotlights, safety lighting/blaze bars
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Electrical solutions
  • Seat covers and mats
  • GVM upgrades; and
  • All your safety accessories like fire extinguishers and first aid kits

Tiger Trays offer a one-stop-shop solution, for our customers this means that they only deal with one supplier for everything from Service Bodies to Vehicle Accessories and much more.


Tiger Trays is one of Australia’s industry leaders in safe, compliant and cost-effective fleet vehicle solution providers. We design, manufacture and install all our fleet fit-out solutions for a wide range of commercial fleets. We work with both customers their fleet managers and dealers to guarantee a customised solution with the highest quality accessories, components and a complete vehicle modification that is fit for purpose.



Fleet managers choose Tiger Trays when they want vehicle solutions that are functional, compliant and cost-effective. We work in partnership with several industry suppliers and the end-customer to deliver safe vehicle modifications that.

Tiger Trays works with a vast number of different customers who have very specific vehicle requirements, across several different industries such as: mining, construction, engineering, electrical, plumbing and landscaping. Our customers choose Tiger Trays because they get an end-to-end solution provider who works in partnership with them, their fleet managers and their chosen dealers.

If you want further information on what we do, how we do it and for whom we work with please contact Mario on 02 9725 6744 or mario@tigertrays.com.au.


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